Morrisons Supermarket, Gorleston-On-Sea – Trolley Day appeal

great yarmouth foodbank morrisons donations food charity

On Friday 13th September the Great Yarmouth Foodbank Appeal had a very successful Trolley Day appeal at the Morrisons Supermarket in Gorleston-On-Sea, Norfolk.

Trolleys were stationed at both entrances of the Gorleston Morrisons, these had Gt Yarmouth Foodbank poster information on them and the volunteers also handed out leaflets and spoke about the charity.

It was a great success with over 5 trolleys worth of foodstuff donated by the the very generous Morrison Supermarket shoppers!

It was made clear that shoppers could donate whatever they wanted, with 1 tin making a great difference for those receiving the Great Yarmouth Foodbank parcels. One lady handed over FOUR bags full of shopping and was asked if she was sure and could she afford to be so generous. Her reply was that a while ago she and her family, including her children, had needed and used the Foodbank as they literally had no food to eat.

We would like to thank Morrisons Gorleston for allowing us the Trolley Day appeal and especially Alison Shaw who is the Community Champion at Morrisons.

Thank you also to all the volunteers who helped during the day including Hazel, Patrick, Trish, the Jan’s, Rita, Naomi, Liz, Lilly and anyone else not mentioned.

But the Great Yarmouth Foodbank and those who use it would most like to thank the shoppers who donated so much.