Foodbanks can refer you for support.

‘If you’re struggling to afford food, please go to your local distribution point to ask which organisations can refer you for support – sometimes we all need a little bit of help to tide us over when life has thrown something unavoidable our way.’ They are designed to help people out of crisis – we often hear that a visit was the first step back to normality because our friendly volunteers let them know about support available locally to help prevent them needing the foodbank a second time. ‘No one should need a foodbank’s help, but if things are hard at the moment, please know that help is there for you. Before the foodbank can give you emergency food, you will need to seek a referral from an authority. Foodbanks work with referral agencies to provide food vouchers for people in crisis. Professionals such as social workers, Citizens Advice, health visitors, school pastoral workers, doctors can refer people to a Foodbank.