Food bank in affluent areas – Fulham, London

food banks great yarmouth gorleston norfolkBelow is a quote and link to the Guardian Newspaper about Food banks – this one is based in the affluent area of West Fulham but shows that there is crippling poverty everywhere.

The article and reports suggest that three Food banks are being opened each week by the Trussel Trust alone!

Also, that over half a million people this year have used a Food bank.

Food bank Britain: life below the line

“The area does look affluent,” agrees Daphine Aikens, who has run the operation for three years and is just one of the thousands of volunteers in this country now helping to operate food banks. “But we’re surrounded by social housing and people come to us from all over the borough.” This food bank is one of 350 run nationwide by the church-based charity the Trussell Trust, which is opening them at the rate of three a week.

It operates on a voucher system. To get a parcel of three days’ free food, applicants must first be referred by a recognised agency: the local jobcentre, for example, the Citizens Advice Bureau or their GP, which hands out the vouchers. Under the trust’s rules, nobody can have more than three vouchers in a row. The charity says it wants to provide breathing space for those in acute need, rather than become a solution to a chronic problem.
Food bank Britain: life below the line