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Donating Food

WE REALLY NEED MORE OF THESE NOW: Fruit Juice (carton long life) Milk (UHT or powdered) Packets of Smash Tinned veg Deodorant Small packs of nappies any size, Formula milk Female sanitary items                                       Razors Tin openers WE STILL NEED THESE: Pasta sauces Rice Tinned meat (stews, curries, ham, corned beef, chicken in white wine. etc.) […]

Great Yarmouth Foodbank official launch

The Great Yarmouth Foodbank was officially launched on Monday, February 17 by the Great Yarmouth Mayor in a ceremony at the Town Hall. Representatives from those supporting and helping the Foodbank including the Borough Council and local firms and supermarkets (Sainsbury, Tesco’s, Co-op and Past Foods) attended the event. Trevor Wainwright, the Great Yarmouth Council […]

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Morrisons Supermarket, Gorleston-On-Sea – Trolley Day appeal

On Friday 13th September the Great Yarmouth Foodbank Appeal had a very successful Trolley Day appeal at the Morrisons Supermarket in Gorleston-On-Sea, Norfolk. Trolleys were stationed at both entrances of the Gorleston Morrisons, these had Gt Yarmouth Foodbank poster information on them and the volunteers also handed out leaflets and spoke about the charity. It […]

Food bank in affluent areas – Fulham, London

Below is a quote and link to the Guardian Newspaper about Food banks – this one is based in the affluent area of West Fulham but shows that there is crippling poverty everywhere. The article and reports suggest that three Food banks are being opened each week by the Trussel Trust alone! Also, that over […]