Gt Yarmouth Foodbank – Partnership of 3 churches the  Salvation Army,  Gorleston Baptist and St Mary Magdalen  Gorleston .  Our food  help and support come from the local council together with parishes of Acle, South Walsham, Woodbastwick Freethorpe and Ranworth and Ormesby Light of Life Baptist Church, Gorleston Baptist Church, Park Baptist Church, Kings Community Church, Cliff Park Community Church, St Peters RC, St Mary’s Southtown, St Nicholas Bradwell, the local Methodist Churches, Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Gregg’s, Nicholl’s Butchers,the local Co Ops. MESH, Town Hall, ComeUnity and Harbour Radio are collection points as well. Many local primary schools including Hillside, Cliff Park Junior, North Denes, Peterhouse St Mary’s Gorleston and Acle Primary have collections.

Our aim is to provide some of  the basic  food needs of people in crisis across Gt Yarmouth Borough and the surrounding areas. At the moment this reaches out to Ranworth /Acle.

Once we have identified people in crisis we work closely with local organisations and agencies to reach out and help feed :-

If you are in need then it’s important that you get advice and help regarding your crisis or financial situation. If you already receive input from a local support agency/worker, then please speak to them about making a referral to us. We work with over 30 local support agencies.

*We do not take referrals direct from the public, as we believe in working together with the support agencies.

Our aim is to meet the immediate needs of those referred to us, to establish the root cause of their crisis and to determine how we can best help them to resolve these issues. We are beginning to work in partnership with other agencies signposting them to other support groups in Gt Yarmouth in order to be of as much benefit to them as possible. Those accessing the Foodbank must come via authorised agency referrals.

How does it work – We need to receive donations of food from the public, either via organised collections from Church groups, Voluntary groups, Super Markets or Agencies. These donations are then sorted and made up into food boxes or parcels to a recommended list of contents.

Referrals – It is our intention that the issuing of emergency food will help an existing situation and in no way enable any form of dysfunctional or destructive behaviour. It is also our intention to closely monitor all situations so as not to create dependency on the Foodbank or on any other service that is provided. Unless referrals are made by authorised agencies who we believe we can trust to use the eligibility criteria no parcels can be distributed. We may at our discretion pass on a few food items if we believe it will help but will not continue to help where the system is abused.

Where the food comes from

All food is donated by the public including: Schools, churches, businesses and individuals. We ask for non-perishable, in-date food to the foodbank. All food given out by foodbanks is donated.‘ Supermarket Collections’ are one of the main ways that food is collected, these are food drives held at supermarkets where volunteers give shoppers a ‘foodbank shopping list’ and ask them to buy an extra item or two for local people in crisis. There are some fantastic volunteers out there who regularly collect from shops churches schools or private individuals. These are not paid and do an amazing job to them we are most grateful.

Locally – Shops that donate are – Morrisons ; Asda ; Greggs; Sainsbury’s; Tesco; Acle Budgens and Co Op, Martham Co Op, Caister Co Op Magdalen Way Co Op, Ormesby Co Op, Bradwell Co Op, Lidl, Pizza Hut.