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Donating food helps local people in crisis

Just by giving food to Gt Yarmouth Foodbank – you can be a vital part of the community that’s providing emergency food to local people in crisis who find themselves on the edge of disaster. These supplies take the form of nutritionally balanced emergency foodboxes to cover an individual or family’s basic needs for 72 […]


Our volunteers perform around 700 hours of unpaid tasks per month, including stock-taking, picking up and delivering food, inputting data, helping clients, packing boxes and other work, worth thousands if the country had to pay. WELL DONE EVERYONE OF YOU.  

We don’t just do Food Parcels we offer meals as well.

We offer food for lunches that you can stay onsite and enjoy. At St Mary Magdalen Tuesdays there is a  3 course meal which starts at 12.30 . On Thursdays at The WELL at St Andrews we offer soup, sandwiches ,fruit yoghurt, plus a mixture of other foods served between 11 am and 12.45. At Herbies […]

Impact of Universal Credit to the use of the local Foodbank means Higher Demand and Repeat Visits

  The most common reason is providing food and support for the length of time it takes to receive the first payment. This varies from 6 – 14 weeks  At first we saw a quadrupling of demand now it is up about 20%. We try to  give food for the duration of Universal Credit wait, and […]